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ESG is not optional anymore - News summary on Earth Day

April 22nd 2021 marks the 52nd year Earth Day has been celebrated. Let's have a look at the most exciting articles for 'Earth Day and ESG' on this day.

Happy Earth Day: Traders share top environmentally friendly investments CNBC in their Trading Nation interview asked their traders to share their favourite green investments. ESG is an important piece of a portfolio allocation and it makes sense to get exposure to a broad swath of environmentally focused companies rather than picking an individual stock.

Earth Day: ESG investment pros on the biggest green opportunities Seven experts in ESG investing highlight the biggest challenges facing the planet: (i) Capital key to green transition; (ii) Imaginative thinking needed on plastic; (iii) Seeing the wood for the trees in forestry; (iv) Renewables are set to thrive in Spain; (v) Prepare for permafrost tail risks; (vi) Companies must move aggressively; (vii) Combatting climate risk collaboratively

Earth Day 2021: A lens on the future Climate change is transforming the way investors think about both opportunities and risks at a global level. Four key areas with opportunities for investors concerned about the future of Earth: clean energy, efficient infrastructure, electric vehicles, and resource management and recycling.

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